Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Lowrance Elite-4 DSI Fish Finder Install On Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140

Well I have been wanting to do this for a long time now. This week I got to the install of my fish finder for my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140. The unit I ended up going with is the Lowrance Elite-4 DSI. This unit also has a mapping feature that should come in handy when I shall mark my new found fishing holes as I will find them. The install started with finding the spot I felt was more user friendly in placement. First thing I sat in the kayak and had one of my boys hold the fish finder in different spots to test how easy it was to operate.

Using a RAM mount to attach the unit to the kayak, I ended up having to shave with a grinder on two spots on the base to allow it to fit within the factory mounting area.
Now that the base was mounted it was time to install the scupper mount with the transducer. Since my style yak didn't have a rear access hatch behind the seat i ended up placing the scupper mount in the forward left hole.

With a little trimming to the lower plastic holder it ended up fitting nice and snug within the bottom groove out of the way so it will not get snagged or damaged when beaching after a long day of fishing. 

Now to run the wires. A fellow fisherman Hanover Yaker in his blog Froggin For Bass used some cool wire hull threws that I was able to find at Boaters Warehouse.
 I used two once I found the ideal spots to route the wires. Drilled two holes and with some marine sealant sandwiched between everything it made a nice water tight seal around the wires.
I did already have an existing RAM base from a GPS mount I had on the kayak before. I left enough wire that attached to the head unit so I now have the option to mount the fish finder in two spots on the kayak. That was somewhat not the original plan but it worked out in my favor.
The battery box is another good project to make this whole project come together. After doing my own research and reading other post from other kayak fishermen along with a phone call to another fellow yaker (Chip) who gave me his idea for adding a car adapter plug to the box, this was my direction to go.
Found a dry box from Wild River Outfitters and started cutting the foam to the placement of how I wanted everything to go together inside.

Even had room to store the head unit for when I wasn't using it. Drilled one hole on the handle side of the box, attached the female outlet sealed with more marine sealant, completed the wire job and now I just plug the power cord for the fish finder to the box and presto instant power.
  The box now can be used to charge my phone in case of an emergency or some other 12 volt device can be plugged in. Thanks to all that had information from there installs to read and tell and thanks for a wife that encouraged me to buy some of the parts for this project. She supports me in my fishing and without her I couldn't have the best fishing partners a man could ask for, my kids. Been a fun project for the whole family now let's fish.


  1. Nicely done!! Glad you could find inspiration from other installations to make it work for you!

    1. Thanks man, you had a great install yourself.

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  5. what is the make a model of that dry box

  6. Good job! I admire you for being unique and for being creative!

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  10. Way to come up with a cool installation! Are you still liking the Lowrance?

  11. Great tutorial. You are doing great work.


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